Cheapest 4K action sports camera in the world?

Todays daily featured gadget is this incredibly cheap 4K HD sports camera. In the UK it is £36 (at the time of writing) and $52 in the USA. To get the current price right now see here. You can buy it with other currencies too if you are in another country.

Low cost sports camera
Low cost sports camera

A few days back I was discussing with a friend how the price of tech comes down over time. And often in a surprisingly small amount of time. He’d seen brand new 4K TVs at significantly lower prices than expected. This got me looking around, at sellers from all over the world. And I decided to try and find the cheapest 4K waterproof camera available online. And I think this might be it.

It is fair to see this device takes a fair bit of “inspiration” from other sports action cameras in the world. Not surprising given how cheap it is, I’m sure a huge budget wasn’t spent on developing this gadget.

But it gets good reviews, and for an insanely cheap price you can’t go too far wrong. Especially as it has a 12month warranty so if it goes on the blink you can send it back to be sorted out. It can record your adventures in 4K Ultra HD! You can share your footage with the world via wi-fi or plug it straight in to your TV via HDMI. It has a 2 inch LCD display and storage is via a 32GB SD card.

This could even be used for business purposes. If you wanted to start your own YouTube channel to make money online this could be used to shoot some extreme videos. Or if you just did normal videos it could still be used for angle shots when out and about. It should last long enough to get a return on your investment from Adsense revenue.

So why is this so cheap? For a start it will capture at 15 FPS, whereas a ‘GoPro Hero4 Silver’ will capture at up to 30FPS. Secondly it is only waterproof up to 30m, which is still very deep but other much more expensive cameras will go deeper. More popular cameras also have an insane amount of accessories available and have to work with all of them, this increases development costs for those guys. This camera is also made in China by a mass manufacturer who then focus on mass global distribution via cheap retailers, this means they have no marketing budget whereas the big popular brands like GoPro obviously have a lot higher costs to cover so they have no choice but to charge more so they make bigger profits per device.

In all in all its pretty amazing this sort of tech is so cheap. If you watch the video further down this page you will get a good idea of what its like. It also contains real footage as a demonstration of what the recordings are like.

Here is what the makers say about this bit of tech:

With the mini 2 inch LCD display, you can also easily preview and review your pics and images right after you take them. The 4K sports action camera also comes with a nice set of accessories. In addition to the waterproof case, you will get 4 zip ties, 3 straps and 1 bicycle mount.

Where can I buy this cheap HD Camera?

See retailers price

Demonstration clip showing the camera being used.

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Cheapest 4K action sports camera in the world?
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