How to be the biggest geek in the office – get an LED neck tie!

We all know what the social dynamics are like in the work office, unless you work from home of course and then you probably talk to your cat a lot. Feeling good around your colleagues is something to be enjoyed and thankfully there are plenty of ways to go about feeling good. You can perhaps meet the targets your boss sets you, have a hot colleague wanting a piece of your sweet tush, or even wear an LED neck tie.

Yes that is right, stand out from the crowd in one easy step! Put away from the boring chequered tie and throw on the naughty illuminated one! If this doesn’t get the girls then nothing will. Am I right? This is a sure fire way to scream, SUCCESS, to the world!

If you are self-employed like me then this will definitely win you the award of “office plonker”. The fact nobody else works in the office is irrelevant. I am champion succeeding at life.

Look at this beautiful creation in all its bright glory.

Funky LED novelty tie

I’m certain the novelty wouldn’t wear off either. Wearing this on the train to work on a gloomy dark winters day would certainly be a good idea as you’d feel your fellow commuters endlessly gazing at your novelty tie. By the time you reached the office I’m sure you’d have a fair few stories to tell. You can go ahead and actually buy one now if you want to be, “that guy”.

As the manufacturers put it themselves on the Amazon listing page:

Light up, classy, and fashionable ties that will draw tons of attention!

Maybe right now you are considering this impressive bit of modern design, but blue is not quite your color. Well have no fear because brothel red is here! I’m quite sure the manufacturer doesn’t actually call it that color, I think the normal “red” is how it’s referred to, but I don’t think that is enough for this deep red brute of a twinkle.

Look pretty in red

My slight fear would be this would make you a geek, but the not the fun cool type where you can be impressed by their knowledge. I’m talking about the type that are just plain annoying. One way to avoid this may be to not actually buy this particular funky fashion item.

Don’t fancy buying yourself this one or any others for that matter? In that case here is how to make your very own. Unfortunately doing it at home you probably won’t be able to design and make something as truly jazzy as the visual treat above, but I’m sure you’ll bodge together something truly lovely to wow the other half.

Doing it yourself obviously creates the opportunity to get a bit funky and really make a big statement as well. Making your own LED tie will definitely propel you into the super-geek category where you may find yourself being locked for quite a while. That’s ok because you definitely earnt it.

Other websites will give you nice guides on, “How to stand out in the office in one easy step.” Then give you some blurb about how to be funny at the water cooler. Sod that cut to the chase and get yourself a novelty tie, everyone will love you! If they don’t get a refund and I’m sure it will never be mentioned again, honest.

If you are a salesman you could even think about this as an investment. Customers will love it, you’ll get more commission and make more money! Smart thinking hey.

Want more awesome stuff like this to match your new love for illuminations? Get yourself a lava lamp then to really bring funk town to your home.

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