Best and most beautiful Lava Lamp on Amazon (I think)

Todays daily featured gadget is the paintball Lava Lamp.

Paintball lava lamp
Paintball lava lamp is a treat for the eyes.

I love these things, probably because they remind me of my childhood! They also remind me of Austin Powers! Trawling through the internets depth of goodies I found a whole load of different ones you can get. Different shaped glass and different colours are all out there.

But I settled on this as the best lava lamp, or at least the most funky! I can picture it in the corner of my home office as I make money online just bubbling away making me feel warm inside.

The colors are great, and overall it gets some of the most positive reviews from customers of all the listings on Amazon. Which by the way, the price information is further down this page (price varies obviously depending on which country you are in).

I love how the wax inside the lamp slowly moves, and the bright colours, it may be simple but it is a nice treat on the eyes, and is a bit of a classic gadget with lots of nostalgia connected to it.

Searching around for today’s gadget I found forum posts such as “are lava lamps safe”. To which the answer is yes, there are millions of them, millions of kids have them. As long as you don’t do anything really stupid (one guy heated his up on a stove and it exploded and killed him!) you will be perfectly fine, they are no more dangerous then lots of other things in your house. But if you are worried don’t leave them on all night, and try not to leave it vulnerable to being knocked over by a small child or a cat, it could make a right mess if it breaks and hurt whatever knocks it over.

Another question I liked which I saw was, “are lava lamps made of real lava?”. No unfortunately not, that would be awesome though right! What is inside is only wax unfortunately.

Here is what the makers say about this gizmo.

Coloma technology makes white wax appear to change color as it flows up and down the multi-colored, painted globe.

Where to buy this cool lava lamp?

Price comparison
You can get these sorts of gadgets offline too, Im not sure about this exact model though, I remember as a kid in the UK I would buy lava lamps from Argos! So if your not keen on online shopping take a look around and you should be able to grab one from a bricks and mortar shop.

This is a quick video of how the lava lamp looks when working, looks groovy!

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