Snugg White Leather iPad 2 Case and Stand Review

I previously had a simple rubber back cover on my iPad 2. It was plain black and cost a few pounds from eBay UK. I partly did the job I wanted it to, however it was quite detrimental to the looks of it, and I recently discovered that on the back of the iPad there was a build up of dirt. I think what had happened was dirt was getting in and getting trapped. As a result I’ve had to thoroughly clean the back of it to keep it good and binned the black cover.

iPad 2 PackagingAs a replacement I have a white PU leather proper case which also acts as a stand. It is made by The Snugg who have a range of iPad 2 cases and also sell a variety of other accessories for tablets and smartphones. They will ship to a whole hose of countries around the world. I am in the UK and mine arrived the next day, which I was very impressed with.

The delivery came in a typical white Jiffy bag, all nicely sealed and well protected. Easy to open and with simple packaging I had it all out in under a minute without any fuss.

Upon inspection I was quite disappointed to find on the back of it a couple of marks and a smudge. I know it is white so getting marks on it will be inevitable. But to open it straight out of the pack and find marks on it was poor. I managed to rub 2 of them off with a my dampened finger but one mark slightly remained.Freshly opened I would expect all their products to come from the factory absolutely flawless so this was a shame. But like I say I removed them and its not noticeable unless you really try hard to look. So I won’t get angry about it, but it is still disappointing.

From here things got better though and my opinion improved. The material feels good, it feels well made and certainly like it can last a couple of years before needing to be replaced. The design is simple but smart, I really like it. I can’t vouch for the other colours, but in white its great.

If you aren’t a fan of the white by the way, there are many other colours such as; black, denim, pink, orange, red, distressed brown, camouflage, as well as baby blue and electric blue.

iPad 2 White Leather CaseTo put the iPad into the case is very easy. There is simply a bit of velcro to lift up and slide it in. Once in place it sits very nicely. It is in tight but still has a little bit of movement to it so it can removed again if needed. It took me probably 30 seconds to do it and be happy and sure that all the spaces were lined up (for the camera, volume buttons etc). All in snug and very happy.

On the back is a little pop up flap which acts as the stand. You bring the cover of the case around the back and clip it under the flap. It works great and acts as a nice stand. It means I have been able to do away with my old black plastic stand I used to use.

Front ViewI have been using the case for a few days now and am chuffed with it. The looks of my iPad have certainly been improved compared to the old black rubber cover I had on. The stand works excellent. And the leather feels nice in the hand when holding it.

Overall I am very happy with the case. I rate the product and service 9/10. If it wasn’t for the small smudges and marks on it I would have given it 10/10. If you wish to get one of their accessories for your tablet or smartphone you can either buy from or if you prefer to shop at Amazon you can also buy them from their website. From looking at the Amazon reviews it seems overall their products go down very well with a huge amount of happy customers. Looks like I’m not the only one to really like them.

Here are a couple of other photos I took during my review.

This is how it arrived, all safe and secure.


This is what the back of it looks like when the ‘stand’ is being used.

Rear Stand View

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