The Five Best Holiday Movies on Netflix

During the holidays, people want to spend time inside with friends, family and lots of food. What better way to bond with family then by finding a good, warm spot in front of the TV and watching a classic Christmas movie? It’s easy to find holiday picks when streaming movies online with services like Netflix. Here are some of Netflix’s best Christmas picks:

The Polar Express (Tom Hanks)
One of the greatest Christmas books of all time was turned into a computer-animated film in 2004, and the movie did the book justice. Tom Hanks lends his voice as the Conductor, and helps bring this book to life on the silver screen. Watch as a young boy takes a whirlwind adventure on a train to the North Pole. Gather young children, teens, grandparents and friends around the fire to capture some of the Christmas magic of The Polar Express.
Netflix rating: 4.5 stars

The Nightmare Before Christmas
Tim Burton’s own version of The Grinch has been a go-to holiday movie since it was released almost twenty years ago. In this Christmas classic, Jack Skellington leaves Halloween in the dust and sets his sights on kidnapping Santa Claus in Tim Burton’s own ghoulish way.
Netflix rating: 3.5 stars

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation
The holiday season is never complete without visiting the Griswalds. Chevy Chase as the disastrous and hilarious Clark Griswald leads his family through the holidays with little grace, leaving us grateful for our families and Christmas plans. Watch as Clark dreams of his Christmas bonus, puts up an exorbitant amount of Christmas lights and tries to have a good, old fashioned family Christmas.
Netflix rating: 4.5 stars

White Christmas
Released in 1954, “White Christmas,” starring Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye, is a film that has stood the test of time. Crosby and Kaye play war vets who fall for a pair of sisters. For a great classic flick with classic Crosby crooning, fun dance numbers and lots of holiday cheer, White Christmas is great gift to give your family.
Netflix rating: 4.5 stars

Jack Frost
The snowman featured in Jack Frost is made of more than just snow. Jack Frost is about a man tragically killed in a car accident, but then gets a second chance at spending time with his son and wife – as a snowman. Starring Michael Keaton, this feel-good comedy is great to watch with the whole family.
Netflix rating: 4 stars


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