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Setting up email on your Blackberry phone is probably one of your top priorities, and if you do not have an IT department to do it for you, it will fall on your shoulders to do this.

Here’s how to setup Blackberry Curve email:

To setup email you will need the following information user name, email address, and password.  You will also have to create a ‘Blackberry account’. This is done simply from the phone, and you will receive an email to acknowledge. Once this is complete, you can then begin to setup email on your phone.

When you first switch on your Blackberry, it will run into a setup wizard, you can either follow this path, or alternatively, access it via the Setup button as shown.

Essentially, the wizard and the Setup button will take you down the same path.  I found it easier to revisit via the setup option, after I became more familiar with the phone.

Setup Screen




Click Setup as shown.










Click E-Mail Settings (If accessed from the setup option)






Create New Account



This screen appears, and you need to click ‘Create New Account‘ (Shown in blue) to obtain a Blackberry account.   Once you have the Blackberry account, you can just log in and begin setting up email on your phone.




In essence, you will then be presented with two fields to be completed, your email address and password.  See below

Address & Password


 As you can see you do not need to enter too much information when setting up email on your phone.  There is also another optional field where you can enter your name, so your recipients will see it’s from you and not somebody called ‘Info’.  The password and email address have to match the ones  you have setup on your computer.

I have two email accounts setup on my phone, and first time round I had to also include a user name in a user name field.  Second time round, it never asked me for this information.  Keep the user name handy though, in case you do.

A nice touch is that you can press space to create an ‘@’ symbol, and a full stop.  Handy for the bit where you have to type ‘.com’.

After you click next, the phone does the rest and confirms that the email has been setup. A new icon appears on the main menu, sorted! Pat yourself on the back and get emailing.


Problem: It doesn’t allow me to create a new account, it only gives the blackberry enterprise option.
Solution: You must have the required data plan (normally called ‘Blackberry Data Plan’) from your provider in order to use the feature. So call your provider/carrier (Orange, Vodafone etc or whoever you are with), to discuss the plan you are on to sort it. If you have bought an unlocked phone second hand and are just using your old sim then you won’t be able to use this email on your phone.

Problem: I have no ‘setup email’ option on my phone.
Solution: It should be on the handset fresh out of the box. Normally doing a ‘battery pull’ should sort it. Completely remove the battery for a good 5 minutes, then turn the phone back on, usually does the trick. Failing that login to your online blackberry internet service on your providers website and setup from there.

Problem: My emails have stopped coming through.
Solution: This could be as simple as your email inbox is full, so the messages aren’t getting to that let alone your BB. If that is fine, then login to your online blackberry internet service on your providers website and check everything (like passwords are correct and they are showing as ok).

Problem: my problem isn’t covered here!
Solution: first we recommend you call your service provider/carrier. You are paying them for the phone/contract so call up the customer services and tell them your problem, that is what they are there for!! It is highly likely they can sort it for you. If they can’t leave a comment below.


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