Setup Blackberry Curve Email

Setting up email on your Blackberry phone is probably one of your top priorities, and if you do not have an IT department to do it for you, it will fall on your shoulders to do this.

Here’s how to setup Blackberry Curve email:

To setup email you will need the following information user name, email address, and password.  You will also have to create a ‘Blackberry account’. This is done simply from the phone, and you will receive an email to acknowledge. Once this is complete, you can then begin to setup email on your phone.

When you first switch on your Blackberry, it will run into a setup wizard, you can either follow this path, or alternatively, access it via the Setup button as shown.

Essentially, the wizard and the Setup button will take you down the same path.  I found it easier to revisit via the setup option, after I became more familiar with the phone.

Setup Screen




Click Setup as shown.










Click E-Mail Settings (If accessed from the setup option)






Create New Account



This screen appears, and you need to click ‘Create New Account‘ (Shown in blue) to obtain a Blackberry account.   Once you have the Blackberry account, you can just log in and begin setting up email on your phone.




In essence, you will then be presented with two fields to be completed, your email address and password.  See below

Address & Password


 As you can see you do not need to enter too much information when setting up email on your phone.  There is also another optional field where you can enter your name, so your recipients will see it’s from you and not somebody called ‘Info’.  The password and email address have to match the ones  you have setup on your computer.

I have two email accounts setup on my phone, and first time round I had to also include a user name in a user name field.  Second time round, it never asked me for this information.  Keep the user name handy though, in case you do.

A nice touch is that you can press space to create an ‘@’ symbol, and a full stop.  Handy for the bit where you have to type ‘.com’.

After you click next, the phone does the rest and confirms that the email has been setup. A new icon appears on the main menu, sorted! Pat yourself on the back and get emailing.


Problem: It doesn’t allow me to create a new account, it only gives the blackberry enterprise option.
Solution: You must have the required data plan (normally called ‘Blackberry Data Plan’) from your provider in order to use the feature. So call your provider/carrier (Orange, Vodafone etc or whoever you are with), to discuss the plan you are on to sort it. If you have bought an unlocked phone second hand and are just using your old sim then you won’t be able to use this email on your phone.

Problem: I have no ‘setup email’ option on my phone.
Solution: It should be on the handset fresh out of the box. Normally doing a ‘battery pull’ should sort it. Completely remove the battery for a good 5 minutes, then turn the phone back on, usually does the trick. Failing that login to your online blackberry internet service on your providers website and setup from there.

Problem: My emails have stopped coming through.
Solution: This could be as simple as your email inbox is full, so the messages aren’t getting to that let alone your BB. If that is fine, then login to your online blackberry internet service on your providers website and check everything (like passwords are correct and they are showing as ok).

Problem: my problem isn’t covered here!
Solution: first we recommend you call your service provider/carrier. You are paying them for the phone/contract so call up the customer services and tell them your problem, that is what they are there for!! It is highly likely they can sort it for you. If they can’t leave a comment below.


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162 old thoughts on “Setup Blackberry Curve Email”.

  1. shourya says:

    i have curve 8250 my blackberry doesnt has an email setup icon
    what 2 do??

  2. Is there an option to run the email setup from the set up menu? If not, on the screen with all the icons, click on anyone with the menu key. If an option comes up show all, click it. An email icon may well appear there, asit does with the 8900. Hope this is of some help

  3. Heidi says:

    My blackberry curve 8520 wont allow me to set up a normal email address, and only offeres the Blackberry enterprise server option, how can i fix this?

  4. Richard says:

    Could be a silly question, but have you setup a Blackberry account?

  5. Anny says:

    here’s my problem,
    I just got a Blackberry Curve, but it doesn’t allow me to create a new account. It only offers the Blackberry enterprise sever option….what should I do? please help me.

  6. hayley says:

    I had the same problem with my curve phone. I had to call up Orange and get them to add a BlackBerry bundle to my account. If you call your mobile phone provider they should be able to help!

  7. Elz says:

    Same, myne doesnt hav an email setup icon either and its really bugging me! help!

  8. Kathryn says:

    I can help with the icon not showing up. It might be because of the theme you’ve selected. Some of them won’t show all the icons. Try the default theme and see if it shows up.

  9. Ging says:

    same as mine blackbery curve 8520.. i bought last week w virgin network, but it doesn’t allow me to create a new account only offers the Blackberry enterprise sever option, really make me sad, anyone can help? i tried changing back the default theme but still the same:(

  10. vikki says:

    It says that I have already set up my blackberry account and that I can’t make a new 1. I’m sure I never made 1 tho :s how can I find out my username and password?

  11. spin says:

    mine doesn’t have the ‘email settings’ icon under setup. how can i set up an email account?

  12. help! says:

    when i go into setup there is no ‘email setup’ option!
    but when i go into setup wizard and click on the ‘email setup’ button its only saying
    ‘ i want to use a work email account with a blackberry enterprise server’
    its really bugging me!
    what should i do?
    please HELP! :(

  13. help says:

    My blackberry curve 8520 wont allow me to set up a normal email address, and only offeres the Blackberry enterprise server option, how can i fix this?
    also can anyone tell me any application through which I can access my computer connected through wifi.

  14. sam says:

    hi i think what every1 is forgetting to mention is that if you have bought your blackberry curves from a shop,sealed etc or if you bought it from someone thats had it. i bought mine from someone who used it for about a week, they set up an email, and when i tried to set one up, it did the same thing. ive heard that if you set up an email on it, a new email cannot be reset but only new ones added. is this true? or is it possible to set it up? any help will be sooooooooooooo much appreciated as ive spunked 150quid on this phone. thanx for your time

  15. nearlyintears!!! says:

    Why if so many of us are having the same problem can’t I find a solution – brand new, delivered from vodafone and no email icon…
    How am I supposed to work?????
    can anyone help and let me know how they managed to get themselves sorted with seting up their email accounts without the wizard giving them the option and no email icon in the setup option?

  16. Chris (Admin) says:

    I had exactly the same problem when I first got my Curve 8520, so all I did was call my phone provider (Orange) who put me through to a Blackberry support person. They then talked me through the steps to sort it out. Basically something hadn’t been activated on my phone, and then I had to change a few settings which the person on the phone talked me through. So don’t just rely on websites to help you out with problems like this, you are paying for your mobile phone, and part of that is the customer service, so phone them up and they will help you!!

  17. Bronze says:

    I have ablackberry 9520 curve but on the screen its showing 2 icons for my emails, why is this happening and how can i fix it so there is just 1 icon 4 emails?

  18. Bronze says:

    Sorry i meant 8520 curve!!

  19. Silke says:

    Hi I have a Blackberry Curve 8520. Unlocked, with a pay as you go sim as I am living in Brunei. Is it at all possible for me to set up an email account? I have the same issues. In Set Up no email set up option and only offeres the Blackberry enterprise server option, how can i fix this? Please help

  20. Wang. says:

    Mine even worse. I had the same prob with u guys. I bought 2 same phones from the same telco vendor. One I gave to my brother, and I use another one. Whats bugging me is, my phone doesnt have the “Email Setup” icon, GPS/MAPS Icon, and I only can setup an enterprise server email. Well, I thought that calling the telco vendors that I bought from is the only solution eh. WRONGG! THey just said “I dont know”. i am really pissed off.

    So now, i am totally numb, no solution, no nothing. I just have to depends on you guys result. Will keep update with u guys. Hopefully we get a solution for this!

  21. Kate says:

    thanks so much – set up in a matter of minutes! :-)

  22. anthony says:

    i have a blackberry curve 8250 on t-mobile. i have put a virgin sim card in d fone bwt it wont let me set up the email for messenger or facebook for blackberry. please help.

  23. theresa stroud says:

    I don’t if put in all this rigth or not. But I setup my phones email. I all os have a yahoo email.I thank you my gmail aderss. But I need to know how to for to on my phone.

  24. Iqbal says:

    My blackberry curve 8520 wont allow me to set up a normal email address, and only offeres the Blackberry enterprise server option, how can i fix this?
    also can anyone tell me any application through which I can access my computer connected through wifi.

    And let me know from where i can get free Maps App…

    Thank you

  25. Bev says:

    If I setup email on my blackberry will I still receive my email through Microsoft Outlook?

  26. sonia says:

    I dont have that on my blackbery 8520 the email setting simbol

  27. Lauren says:

    I have a Blackberry Curve 8520. I have my email set up but for some reason i have stopped getting my emails sent to my Blackberry. My internet is still working and i have checked my email settings. Can anyone help troubleshoot?

  28. Chris says:

    Thank you very good and informative reply it took minutes thank you

  29. Teresa says:

    Just had new Blackberry Bold from Vodafone and had same problem with e-mail (or lack of option to set it up – just had ‘i want to use a work email account with a blackberry enterprise server’. Called Vodafone who say its because I don’t have Blackberry internet on my a/c and it will cost an extra £5 p/month. Feeling a bit miffed as no-where in any info did it say I needed to pay extra to use phone to its full extent.

  30. Vincent Ong says:

    superlative information,thanks bro-Setup in matter of minutes

  31. Mat says:

    i have blackberry curve 8250 and doesnt has an messages icon in setup wizard icon
    what 2 do??

  32. juls says:

    my phone is blackberry 8250 pls help me how to activate my email add thru wihi connection

  33. dony says:

    here’s my problem,
    I just got a Blackberry Curve, but it doesn’t allow me to create a new account. It only offers the Blackberry enterprise sever option….what should I do? please help me.

  34. The article has been updated with the common problems peoples are facing and effective solutions for them. Hope they help!

  35. melanie says:

    i have already set up my live acct on my phone but is it possible to set up another acct – if so please can someone tell me how…..

  36. Danelle says:

    I have the same prob with u guys. I bought my Blackberry 8520 from Vodacom South Africa. With the initial setup I accidently went on the e-mail work enterprise option. No even after software reloading and hard resets it on offers me setup an work enterprise server email option. Also my phone doesnt have the “Email Setup” icon, GPS/MAPS Icon. Please please can you help me. Hopefully we get a solution for this!

  37. Johann says:

    I have had my bberry for some time and I set up my email with my personal email account. The last couple of days now every 20 minutes I keep getting a notification that my email password is invalid, when I validate it I just get the same message 20 minutes later. And no mail is getting through. Any ideas?

  38. Brian says:

    I too had problems with a Blackberry Curve 8520 brand new. The email set up defaulted to enterprise sever and did not give the option to use other email addresses. Reading the comments posted helped me sort the problem out. When the number was transfered from my old Blackberry and I took out the battery for 5 minutes the options changed and allowed me to transfer my email accounts, a straightforward process.

  39. DYNAMITE says:

    to all BB user, pls register first your BB to the website of your telecom company (ex. globe telecom here in the philippines, log-on to then create your account & register your BB). Then you should subscribed to a Blackberry Internet Service plan (unlimited BIS) & talk to your provider. From there, all your problems/querries will be solved (i.e., no icon for email set-up etc.) Previously, i was faced by the same problem when I first have my BB curve 8520. Then I did everything I mentioned earlier and now, I am one of those many happy BB user. i won’t trade my BB for any smartphone brand. Thanks.

  40. MXOLISI says:

    What if I got my existing email address of which I created using Gmail, will it work on the blackberry and receive my email?

  41. @MXOLISI, yes you can get a ‘Gmail for mobile application’ so it will work no problem.

  42. RoyalG says:

    I have a blackberry Curve every time I delete my emails they are resent to me and keep being sent 200+ emails a day!!! ahhhh! help I have a gmail account which has been working fine up to now??

  43. Aaron says:

    I just got a new curve 8520 and have my work and yahoo email setup on it. Is there a way to show them in two separate windows so that I don’t get work and personal items mixed up? I see that it did create a separate icon when I setup my personal email address, but the messages also come up in the “normal” messages icon.

  44. Chris says:

    @RoyalG Ive never heard of that happening before. I would delete the email account completely from your phone. Then do a battery pull. And then setup the email from scratch again. See what happens. If the problem persists I would call your provider and see how they can help.

    @Aaron all messages (including SMS) go into the ‘normal’ messages folder. Just click the menu button over the icon and then click ‘Hide’. It isn’t a problem because the messages in it get deleted when you delete them in the separate folders.

    If you login to your providers ‘blackberry internet service’ the different accounts will appear on your phone as separate folders. So one for your work email, and another for your yahoo email. You can also rename them if you wish, I changed my 2 to ‘business’ and ‘personal’, looks better then having the actual email addresses.

  45. morena says:

    I got a BB Curve 8520 for work and they set up my account. Emails come through just fine but 2 hours later, they are all gone. I’ve had the phone for 2 days and it’s happened both days. I’m not sure if it’s operator error but it will keep only 1 email from each day (?!). I gave a 2 GB card in the phone. It’s my first BB so I don’t know if this is normal. Help!

  46. Essam Khalifa says:

    Urgent …… My blackberry curve 8520 is not allow me to set up a normal email address, and only offers the Blackberry enterprise server option, how can I do it? I got it just for Emails… I have other mobile for phone calls

  47. Chris says:

    @Essam your question has already been answered in the article under the ‘common problems’ section.

  48. Pinay_ako says:

    Hi, what does this mean:
    After clicking ATIVATE, this message appeared-

    “Activatio request failed. A service connection is unavailable”

  49. shawster2 says:

    you all need to register your blackberrys to obtain the settings ..

    you can do this via your service providers i.e vodafone , t-mobile etc they will then send the setings through to your sim card .

    Note that these setting are sent to your sim and not your phone therefore when you change sim you lose the settings

    enjoy the BB

  50. Pinay_ako says:

    Ok, my problem now is i do not have “personlise email setup” on my setup folder.
    How can I create email then?

  51. khanyie says:

    I have followed all the steps but I still cant phone is refusing my user name pls help me pls pls!!!!!

  52. Joan Gangl says:

    I have had my bb for a year now and have been sending and receiving emails all along. Yesterday I received an email from bb telling me to update my email password. When I go to the email validation and update my password, it won’t save. until I get this figured out, I can’t send or receive email. What do I need to do?

  53. Jawaad says:

    there is a problem in my BB 8520 that is the email setup i went thru is not the same as shown in the pictures here at top……as i entered the email setup it shows HAS YOUR BB ENTERPRISE SERVER ADMINISTRATOR PROVIDED YOU WITH AN ENTERPRISE ACTIVATION PASSWORD YES / NO then if you press next with either answer it is then saying to skip & go for next setups………… i don’t know why BB people have made it so complicated……complicated email setup…NO proper Adobe PDF reader, no option to say callers name, no option to open ZIP files….. china mobiles are better than BB, BB is not BLACKBERRY it is BLACK BASTARD

  54. Ronaldo says:

    I just bought blackberry 8520 curve but doesn’t have an email set up icon. i’ve been trying to explore just to set up but merely the blackberry enterprise server option offers.

  55. Hi Ronaldo, your question is answered under the ‘common problems’ section of the main article. Thanks.

  56. Robert says:

    Hii i just got my blackberry today its the curve 8520 im on a 2 year contract with orange and its 300mins unlimited everything else and i really would like to set up an existing email account but the only option i get is “I want ti use a work email account with the blackberry enterprise sever” then the next slide is “Has your blackberry enterprise sever administrator provided you with an enterprise activation password” this is quite frustration when your 17 and you usually know how gadgets work!!?? ANd another problem is that i cannot get on to facebook with the blackberry app i downloaded it comes up with “Could not connect because a data sever is not available. PLease try again later. If this continues contact your service provided for support which i will but if you could help on this i would be very grateful :)

  57. Hi Robert, your question is already answered above under the ‘common problems’ section of the main article. Your provider Orange hasn’t activated the appropriate blackberry plan (exactly the same thing happened with me when I got mine!) you just need to call them up, tell them the issue and they should activate it.

  58. Robert says:

    Wow you do answer quickly !! Thanks oh sorry about that. :P
    Thanks very much and is that the same with the internet problem and facebook problem then is it?

  59. taywaste says:

    I have 2 e mail accounts on my Blackberry curve, one personal, one work. Problem since adding the personal acc, e mails received in that in box also appear in the work one, but not vice versa. How to fix

  60. harriet says:

    I’ve got a 8520,upgraded, contract is £30 month, unlimited internet, emails and texts, bbm and 500 free minutes. facebook works through my browser, but i downloaded the app and every time i try to log in it say ‘ getting calender events’ then logs in then in a matter of seconds says either ‘ there was a problem while communicating with facebook’ or ‘your session has timed out’.
    twitter works fine though.
    also some texts are coming through a couple of hours late. they only come through if i have made a call?

    please help me

  61. @harriet I’ve had similar problems with the facebook app, others seem to have the same problem. Sometimes for me it works fine, and then others does as you were saying. I’ve given up on it and just use the mobile version of the site, I actually prefer it as well to the app, its easier to use. As for the texts I’ve no idea what that would be, perhaps you could give your contract provider a call and ask if they know of issues with the network?

  62. cailain says:

    how do i find my activation server address on my 8520????

  63. bond says:

    i have blackberry curve 8900. i want to try update my blackberry software usin wireless update. but there is not any option for that. than how can i solve that problem. plz help me.

  64. Stephen says:

    I have a blackberry curve 8520 and although the little red light flashes when I receive an email does anyone know if there is a way to set up an audible sound (like when you receive a text message) for when emails arrive?
    I keep missing emails and thought if I heard a bleep or something I would at least be alerted. Thanks peeps :-)

  65. jay says:

    has anyone managed to get an asnwer to the the whole email problem…im on contract with 02 n my email option worked b4 now it doesnt appear n it really annoying.

  66. Siju says:

    Just install LogicMail email client thru app loader .Thats it , you are all set.

  67. ntoki says:

    Hi I cannot be able to dowload the game mxit on my bb 8900 even the email I cant dowload it please help on this, thanks

  68. Yenza Mayala says:

    hello there’?
    I bought a bb 8300 from someone 2 month ago and so the problem is the internet browser icon is not on the desktop,but when i click application it’s there and when i click it for browsering internet it says my device is not supported and i have no configuration,Therefore i want the browser icon to appears as other icon on the screen.Then i want to able to use internet in bb 8300 as other bb user.So please if someone knows help me thanks

  69. Alex says:


    Options > Advanced Options > Host Routing Table > Once in the Host Routing Table list, highlighting the top option, select the ‘Menu’ button and select ‘Register Now’.

    You will receive another confirmation email that your blackberry has been registered.

    Now have a look at the email setup again and you should now have the other icon in order to set up personal email without enterprise.



  70. Yenza Mayala says:

    Hi,Thank you alot for your help although i still have the same problem i went the same way as you said but it still the same and i didn’t receive any confirmatiom email as you said,and i tried take off the bettrey two or three time but nothing seemed to change and the browser icon still not on the main screen,please help me again


  71. Lauren says:

    Thanks Alex fixed the problem straight away!!

  72. ghrazyah says:

    what about if theres no such option like creating new account?..

  73. ghrazyah says:

    theres no entry at host routing table and theres no option like register now…what should i do then?

  74. Jenny Carpenter says:

    Please help!!! I have the Blackberry Curve 8520 and I found the email icon wasn’t showing up!! It only gives me this option to setup a work email account with a Blackberry Enterprise Server ?? So I phone up Orange who say I need the Blackberry Data Plan that costs £5 a month that I can cancel anytime at least 3 days before end of my plan’s payment day! Ok, so I’ve done this but still NO email setup icon. Turn it on and off still not there! Take the battery out and wait about 5 secs put it back in and still not there!! Then I click the Setup Wizard icon cos there IS NO email setup icon and click the email setup option like i did before and follow the instructions. It’s easy! But James won’t reply to the email I sent and I miss him loads, what should I do???!! PLeaaase help!!! :(

  75. millie says:

    i click on email set up, then click want to add an email account, then it says it could not connect to the server??? i cant work out why as i can get online on the fone?? help please!! thanks :)

  76. mariette says:

    I have trubble receiving my e-mails. I have a blackberry curve 8520 smartfone, but the laast 6weeks was terrable. I spens more time at my servis provider than words can tel. My contract is on my husbunds name, and thats a nother story. Every time i went in so that they an help me with my e-mail, vodacom had to call my husbund first to ferify my contract. They cant reset my e-mail acount becouse of some resaon, that nobody can answer me. I can sent an e-mail but not receive them. The only e-mails i receive is the ones that was send by the provider or from vodacom it self. All my e-mails came thru on my 3g to the computer but not on my BlackBerry. My provider also tel me , i dont have the option to set more than one e-mail account on my blackberry, but my frend has 5 accounts on hers. I also have a few small things aboud blackberry that i would like to know. Please can you help me. Thanks Mariette

  77. celestie says:

    Hi there, i recently boought a second hand curve 8520 which was locked to optus, i recently unlocked it and am trying to set up an account but it will not let allow me to create a new account! I am currently with Vodaphone and yes i was using my old sim. When you say you cannot do it, do you mean you need to purchase a whole new sim card or am i able to contact the provider to make some settings on their end, would this work? please help meeee

  78. David Stephens/G4CMQ says:

    Hi all. Had the same problem regarding only the Enterprise server option. If your ‘gprs’ icon is in lower case, your phone is not setup by your host. It is usually only a matter of sending a text message saying ‘YES’ to the number your host will give you, waiting 10 minutes, restarting your phone with a battery pull, and you will find the ‘Email, icon in your email setup folder.
    Good luck

  79. nino_pinoy says:

    hi. i can’t find the “setup email” icon in my curve 8520 .. i even tried to take off the battery and nothing happend .. help plsss

  80. yumnah cassiem says:

    i baught a blackberry 8320 and i am struggling with email setup,hw do i setup email and facebook ????

  81. nabila says:

    well i have the curv8520 and it doesnt say email settings and if i do click on email setup it says i have to use an enterprise activation what do i do :S ?

  82. Ants says:

    I need help can´t add my email to my Blackberry 8520 Curve, message comes up saying “Your device encountered a problem with this appliation´s server” anyone know what to do?

  83. King Derwent says:

    REALLY don’t understand all the problems here. I posted here a while back because essentially I wanted a hack around paying the Blackberry fee (£5 from Orange). You can’t basically. Anyway, since paying it was straightforward and done in 5 mins max. You’ll notice some extra icons on your Home screen like Facebook and Twitter. Just go to the Setup folder (it has a little green gear in the middle) and add your email. Tip: if you want previous emails add recent: before your email address eg. “” …. password

    P.S. My Jenny Carpenter comment was a parody btw !)

  84. Danni says:

    My blackberry curve 8520 doesn’t even have the e-mail icon when I go to set-up so I can’t set it up, though it has the e-mail function so when I go to the e-mail bit on my phone it says I can only save to draft as I don’t have an e-mail service configured… Please Help If you can

    Thanks, Danni


  85. Danni says:

    Ohhh and while I remember I also have problems with the facebook app and the google maps one too lol


  86. abbie says:

    when i open emial setup it asks for my username and password but i never set one up how do i find out what they are? thanksss

  87. Mr Know-it-all says:

    If you turned on your BB before you set up your data package you have to REMOVE THE BATTERY WHILE THE PHONE IS ON. WAIT 10 SECONDS. This reset your phones connection. then proceed to MENU-MANAGE CONNECTION-MOBILE NETWORK OPTION – MENU – DIAGNOSTICS TEST – MENU -RUN. It should said yes to all the blackberry test. Then your personal email setup should be there

  88. brittany says:

    Hey!!! So i have a blackberry curve and i have the email all set up, but i had to change my password to my email account, so when i tried changing the password on my phone it would accept my new password! but if i log on to my account with the laptop, it works! i dont know what to do… help?

  89. lisa says:

    cannot set up email add, its tellin me blank username when i put my email add in there and password below. what would the username be becos its clearly not my email add.
    so frustrated!!!

  90. kelsey says:

    Okay so i got a blackberry cure 8520 from my friend, we traded phones, she had already had her email set up on the phone, and everytime i click email set up it tells me: Your device had a problem connecting to the server; retry or cancel. Everytime i click retry it says the same thing, how can i get mine to work properly?

  91. Murali says:

    How many email account can i set up with blackberry?.
    if the answer is 2 or more please tell me how it is?

  92. chillkulit says:

    need advise on using BB,,, really want BB but i wanna make sure that i can use the apps like FB and twiter using wifi and not data plan as everyone is saying…in from Philippines and do i need to get Globe’s BIS to use FB and twitter? i wanna be clarified on this before i buy,, i am so ready to buy but i wanna clear this BB BIS thingy first coz i have a postpaid SIM afraid my bill will skyrocket…pls reply..tnx

  93. jaimie says:

    If having trouble w/ email setup and didn’t have the “add email account” available under Setup Wizard, this worked for me and gave me a new Email Settings option in the Settings folder: Register yourself from Host Routing Table . Options > Advanced Options > Host Routing Table > click on menu and select register now. Wait a few minutes (maybe more) and then go into settings to look for a new Email Settings option. Proceed to fill in email information from there, should work as long as you have blackberry data plan.

  94. Andy says:

    …..Problem solved,,,,,
    …..Got an iphone……

    when it rains we get wet but when its sunny we get weter so stay at home and play on your iphone.
    Sent from my iPhone, lol

  95. Lauren says:

    I have the same problem as kelsey, accept mine is a blackberry curve 9300 3g and it was owned by someone else briefly for a bit before i bought it and put my own contract sim in, its not from a blackberry contract. whenever i click the next button to setup an email it says it has a problem connecting to the server? need help asap please??? thanks

  96. james says:

    SIM not allowed 3 blackberry 8520 showing dunno why had the phone 7 months whats it doing ?

  97. dave46563 says:

    If personal email setup is not showing it means you blackberry internet service is not activated!! try a battery pull. if it doesnt work, call your network up to activate it….they may tell you to do another battery pull. when your activated youll get a message saying its may tell you to delete the message and reboot your phone. when its all sorted the email setup icon will appear. it all seems long but its easy…i bought my 8520 new and i was up and running within 30 mins of taking it out of the box

  98. joe says:

    Is there any way to have a tone for my e-mail, separate from my ringtone for my alarm?

  99. Mike Abalena says:

    hi!.. i followed the instructions, then it says that an icon will appear in your home / main menu, but I havent seen any icons appeared. How can I enter to my mail or how can I create / send an email

  100. jerbie_pinoy says:

    Guys kindly help with my Blackberry 8530 curve without email set-up how can i configure it.

  101. hamz says:

    hi…., I cannot send new email or forward any email from my BB 8520. After drafting the mail , if you press the BB key… it gives you options for HELP/SELECT/CLEAR FIELD/SAVE DRAFT / EDIT / DELETE / etc etc… but NOT THE SEND BUTTON….

  102. @hamz The following fields have to have content in for the ‘Send’ option to appear. ‘To:’ ‘Subject:’ and obviously the actual content of the email also. Once all 3 fields have something in the ‘Send’ button is their.

  103. hanna says:

    can i swap my blackberry 8520 curve for the 8900?? as it has broken and i have always had the 8900 model , so do you think id be able to swap the 8520 to 8900 ?? thanks

  104. chris says:

    worked like a charm! boost mobile customer care says their engineeres are working on it. yeah right! thanks dude!

  105. Andy says:

    I have a BT mobile accout and have put my sim card in a BB curve 8520, when I try to set up my e mail it only has one option, set up using Blackberry Enterprise Server. I have spoke to BT and they said download the software from the web, any idea where i can find it.. Thanks

  106. Togo says:

    I’m using a BB-9300, and from those setup’s my phone doesn’t have an option for e-mail settings, what should I do as I need to use it urgently

  107. yesha bhatia says:

    i have black berry curve 8250. i want to get the service with idea prepaid in shimla what should i do for that

  108. leah says:

    no matter how many times i try to set up the email on my BB curve 8520 it won’t work. everytime i try to send an email it says my email isn’t configured or something and it takes me back to the set up wizard. i need help!

  109. mark says:

    Alex help was perfect! Nobody else including Blackberry web site had the answer but he did. Thanks!!

  110. Amber says:

    Thank you so much !! This is soooo much help !!!!

  111. Mohammed Ilyas H says:

    How to install third party application my blackberry curve 8520 phone and how to install google maps n my mobile and also gmail on it.

  112. Maggie says:

    I have a blackberry curve 8520 and it won’t let me setup a email account. The only option is Blackberry Enterprise setup which I don’t know what its is!!!! Please help!!!!

  113. Bongani says:

    I recently bought a blackberry 9700 bold smartphone from a friend.However when I want to set up my personal email account am message-your account is set up in enterprise mode.How do i de-activate this option so that i an set up my own personal address.

  114. Frances says:

    I am very frustrated – I have been using my blackberry for over a year and my email has worked great and started having problems today so I removed my yahoo account and tried to re-add it and now it is saying that the email address is not valid. I soent 45 minutes in line at the Telus store trying to get my phone to work again for work reasons and then another 25minutes tonight with Telus support line to find out it is yahoo. Can someone PLEASE help me fix this on my phone as it is imperative that I am able to receive notifications on my phone as I work for a Fire/ EMS service. I really like my yahoo account and do not want to change it.

  115. James says:

    Emails to my father’s yahoo account needed to be forwarded to my blackberry for a month. This had been set up on my blackberry Setup Email Settings icon. I now no longer need to read his emails. For some reason I am not able to get through to that same email settings now. Am told that ‘your device had a problem connecting to the server’, though the internet is working. Any ideas please?

    Alternatively, I tried to find somewhere on my father’s yahoo account to cancel forwarding mails to my blackberry, but did not find any mention of my blackberry and the email link-up. That would also be a possible way of stopping large volumes of emails hitting my device.


  116. Paul says:

    I have a Black Curve 8520 I’m not able to connect it to the internet either

  117. Jerry says:

    I added a gmail account to my 8520 but the message icon with the email account doesn t appear anywhere on my phone, what may be the problem?

  118. penny says:

    hi i cant set up my email in my blackberry curve 8520?can you pls help me….

  119. cheryl says:

    This might sound weird and simple to resolve, but my blackberry curve jumples up the text message so you cannot read much off it. How can i sort this problem out???

  120. Bianca Lee says:

    i have downloaded the facebook app through my bb app world, however i cannot find it in my downoads to open the app?? please help

  121. says:

    i my blackberry mobil e mail problem is not send mail mail is come but not send to mail

  122. Lizzy says:

    Where can i get the activation server address,to activate my email account on blackberry 8520? i have tried to many times, i have failed

  123. roby says:

    i buy new backberry curve 9300.i cannot activate my account,cannot open face book and gmail.please give me a good advice

  124. Nelson says:

    My blackberry curve 8520 cant set up 3rd email and went i have submit appear in screen say : invalid email add or password.Verify your add and password.If the error persists,contact such i do…?pls help me

  125. Clare says:

    In answer to the problem that many have ref setting up email (only getting Blackberry Exchange option…), you need to have a plan that includes a specific Blackberry product before you can activate email or internet on your phone. This is a bit naughty IMO as it isn’t always made clear before you purchase the phone. I’m with Orange and with 1 call, they changed my plan (same price) and problem was solved – however, l did have to lose other features of my original plan to ‘upgrade’ to the Blackberry one at the same price. Hope it’s worth it….!

  126. dan f says:

    i tried to set up an email account but when i click on the email setup my blackberry keeps saying a problem occurred can’t connect to the server however i can get online and the wi-fi works.

  127. Heidi says:

    I have 2 email accounts – one hotmail, one local provider. Both worked fine until a few days ago – now the emails from the local provider are not reaching my bb (curve). OK on laptop thou! Tried to reboot by leaving the battery out – no joy! Any suggestions please?

  128. Maxi says:

    Well I do that, instead of the page for email set up, it sends me to my phone providers web side. What do I do then?

  129. Kelly says:

    This was so helpful.
    Not even the blackberry ‘help’ on the website helped.

  130. Bernice Hazlewood says:

    When I bought my first Bberry I got one with an enterprise server by mistake. I have followed the suggestions on your site for changing to a BIS server but no joy so far. Any other ideas folks?

  131. Lisa says:

    I bought a bb curve 8520 , i would like to know if you can put windows 7 on it , can somebody give me that information on here please.

  132. Alexandra says:

    Hi! I have a problem with my bb curve 8520, the emails that I receive are in my bb inbox just one day or not even. Is it normal? Shouldn’t the emails be saved and stock there util I delete them? I receive all the emails, I read them and then they disappear. Help me please!

  133. SBO says:

    I’ve been trying to set up my hotmail email account in my 8520 BB, but to me it looks like the setting model provided above is way different from my phone’s. Above model shows email setup icon amongst other icons after tou activated the setup icon. My fone doesn’t give me an email setup icon as shown above, somebody help please i’m so desparate, thanx.

  134. J.K.Rajan says:

    Please tell me ..How to remove block for out going calls?

  135. Vossie says:

    Alex You’re a STAR. Your directions on September 13th, 2010 helped me from throughing the BB against the wall Hope after a year you still look ate this site and see the note.

  136. Riki says:

    hi BB users, newbie BB user here, can anyone help me? Is it

    possible to send and receive e-mails from my BB Curve? I’m on

    Globe Socials, I have already downloaded MSN Messenger but I can

    only reply to someone when that someone is online, what if I want

    to send my friends e-mail or chat messages even if they are


    Whenever I try to compose messages, this message appears: “No

    message services configured” – and when I try the setup wizard,

    it says I can only compose a draft message.

    T_T halp, I’m getting frustrated…Good Samaritans, I need thee~

    ty in advance…:)

  137. Nic N says:

    Got a BRAND NEW Blackberry Curve 8520 on Virgin. Completely froze after 6 weeks- just one minute working, then not.It was “the white screen of death”. Took it into the Virgin shop “terribly sorry, can’t fix it you have to send it away: wait for the postage pack etc” After 5 days , “no it can’t be fixed- we’ll send you a replacement completely refurbished”. No matter. It came today. Guess what. It doesn’t work. The email option is only for a server: seems it was used by someone on T-mobile before. Now I will have to probably have to send this one away as well. Well pissed off with lack of customer service at Virgin, AND crap phones from Blackberry. I have never ever had a phone die on me. Yeah some buttons and keys go after 5 years or so, but never the whole thing just stop- not after 6 weeks in broad daylight!

  138. Eugene says:

    Hello where to get icon of gps, ihave bb9300

  139. sophie says:

    Plse I need help bse am trying send messeges and receive nothing is going through I tried to create e account it has refused my blackberry curve it gives me stress

  140. Akani says:

    Hi, I need to setup my workmails from Microsoft exchange server on my blackberry curve 8520. Would appreciciate your help.

  141. ELNORA says:

    i changed the password of my email in my desktop, now my emails stop coming in my blackberry curve 9300, any help please

  142. Peter says:

    I spent days trying to connect my 8520 to email. At last, it dawned on me. I had to set up a BlackBerry Internet Service account – my problems were solved and I could enter email addresses and send and receive emails. BUT nobody told me about this – and Vodafone charge £5.30 per month for this access. Another £60 a year, I feel I have been conned.

  143. Jaime says:

    I need an application to se my emails in my blacberry curve 8520 via wi-fi

  144. Jessica says:

    I have a Blackberry Curve 8520 , And i dont ave the email setup … I did what you told to get the battery of for 5 minutes andit didnt work . So what can i do ?

  145. Arnolda says:

    Mr know i all i have done the thing u said but still no email set up anywhere…. help?

  146. errol says:

    hi i want to syncronise my contacts on my 8520 with a second email address microsoft outlook address . can this be done??

  147. Nic Niewart says:

    After six months the bb curve 8520 has stopped working AGAIN. Once after 6 weeks, when it couldn’t be fixed and i was given a refurbished model. Now on off switch suddenly kaput then the A and the back buttons don’t work. No I didn’t drop it, didn’t dip into coffe, just it was ok one minute and not the next. Is this a record?

  148. Praveen says:

    Hi There,

    I hv 8520curve i am unable to setup email. there is no such icon which relates to E-Mail setup.

  149. nelly says:

    my blackberry does not want give me an option to setup email its anly giving me “i want to use a work email account with a BlackBerry enterprise Server ” only no other option it really frustating me please help!!!!!

  150. sooty says:

    9380 ,clicked on account , clicked on e mail set up, entered password , done . SIMPLE

  151. lebo says:

    thanks to my bb curve i can do everything on one phone

  152. joel says:

    I have an new blackberry curve 9380, I have difficulty of configuring it. I connected it to computer the blackberry desktopsoftware has not been sucessfully installed. My email account is also not working. can anybody help me what to do?

  153. earl says:

    mine says my divise has a problem connecting to the server help ? (bb 8520)

  154. Fiona says:

    since arriving back from holiday my Blackberry curve will not let me receive emails. I have tried to set it up again but it is not recognising my email address. Please help! Thanks.

  155. Rachael says:

    I got my dads used blackberry and whenever I click wmIl settings and create a new account it says I’m not connected to the Internet when I am and I can use the Internet perfectly fine I restored the phone to factory settings and now it only gives me the option to use a work email account with a bes. I do not want to call tmobile as I am only 11 years old! Please help is there something I can do online or from my blackberry.

  156. Lokesha.K. says:

    Dear sir/ Madam, I am having Blackberry curve 8520 . In this i am already done email setup but i needs to change password but i could not change. Can you kindly let us know how to Change Password and I needs to ADD some more E mail ID’s
    Thanks with best regards

  157. Johan F says:

    My 8520 does not allow me to send a composed message. All 3 areas ‘to’, ‘subject’ and ‘field’ have been filled and still no send option in the menu. please help.

  158. Safiyya says:

    ok, i have a BB 8520 and had it for a year… i had no problems until i sent it for a software upgrade. when i got it back it was like a brand new BB straight from the box. i used BB Protect App to restore all backed up files but my email was the problem. i go to setup, i go email setup and it gives me the option of existing users only, no create new account. it asks me for a username and password, i put in my email address and password and a window pops up saying you cannot have a blank username and so i try using my name (what i saved it on in my email settings) and it says invalid… i try going on my email through the browser (yahoo mail) and it says sorry that you are having a problem logging in, please lig onto a desktop and then try again on the mobile device. i try that and still it doesnt work… please… i lost all my blackberry contacts and i baced them on my email address, i cant restore them without my email!!

  159. Karen says:

    Hi! I have a BB9320.. My phone (9300) got stolen and I got this one now.. I can however not setup my existing email account.. I would like to sort it out as I had to change email 3times already as it doesn’t want to “transfer” to new phone.. How do I do it? It keeps telling the server is off or I have an email/password problem.. Neither of this seems to be the problem.. It also askes me for email server ans user name.. If I enter that, it tells me again that the device has a server problem.. I can send and receive mails on gmail… But that’s the the email account I use. Please help!

  160. zaza says:

    I want my blackberry appworld to open without email adresses and password and eveything must download

  161. Prince says:

    I heve a blacberry curve 9320.I don’t heve the email setup,what 2Do