Simple Remote Controls For The Elderly

These remotes are ideal with big buttons, have a nice simple layout and so are easy to use. The ones that are standard with regular TV’s are often just not good enough for bad eyesight. Ideal for elderly people who have trouble with their eyesight or movement. This can make life a lot easier rather then the standard fiddly remotes, especially for people with Arthritis.

  • LXB ManufacturerBig Button Universal

    Simple instructions for setup. Nice simple layout and not too many buttons.

  • Sony ProductSony Remote

    Operates all major brands. Spacious layout of buttons. Weighs 0.3Kg. Nice shape to be comfy in hand.

  • Easy RemoteOne 4 All Big UK TV

    Features include teletext, fastext, 16:9 wide screen and also colour brightness control.

There aren’t a huge amount of these items available on the market so I’m afraid your choice is limited. However these have good reviews from what we have read and will hopefully fulfill your needs.

Remember that in the UK legally you can cancel an order within 7 days of receiving it, without a reason for doing so, it is referred to as the ‘cooling off period’. You should get a full refund. If what you purchase isn’t as good as you hoped for then return it and try another.

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