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RakeTheRake Review – Increase Your Poker Winnings With Rakeback

I have played poker for 8 years now. But rake is something that I’ve only learnt about over the past year. If you are new to it like I was, then it is simple. In a nutshell what rakeback is; Rakeback is when you receive money for playing poker.

The reason this is possible is because when you play online you either pay a fee to enter that particular tournament or SNG, or if you are playing cash games you pay a small rake each time you put chips in the pot. This is how the gambling companies make their money. Thanks to rakeback services you are able to get a percentage of this money back.

I’m sure it is obvious to you already why it makes sense to take advantage of this. So I won’t list the benefits. It’s bonus money for doing something you would have already been doing anyway!

Where can you get rakeback? And will you qualify?

There are lots of websites online that provide this type of service. The one I am reviewing here is, also know as RTR. The reason for this is it is the only one I have used having now been a member for 6 months (at the time of writing this). Everybody will qualify for rakeback provided you are not already a member at the chosen poker room.

RTR logo

This is the Rake The Rake Logo from their website.

I have accounts at 2 poker websites; PKR and Ladbrokes. The reason I have two is because I started out at PKR but then found out about rakeback. As a result I decided to open a new account elsewhere so I could be eligible. I decided to use the RakeTheRake website to do this. And Ladbrokes was the site I chose because the offer was 30% rakeback which is very good! In the end I am glad I did and would certainly recommend Ladbrokes as I’ve enjoyed playing there.

Signing Up

To get started is quite easy.

  • First you need to go to the RTR website and choose which website you want to play poker on.
  • Make sure you read the program details and room information so you can be sure you are joining the best poker room for you.
  • Once that is done follow the steps given on RTR. All you have to do is clear your cookies, signup at the poker room, and then send in your details to RTR.
  • It will then take a few days for everything to be processed but it shouldn’t take too long to be all sorted.

My Experience

At sign-up I did have one problem. After a few days my account wasn’t showing any statistics. I emailed RakeTheRake and they replied saying they would get on to Ladbrokes about it. Eventually it was sorted, and RTR continually apologised for the delay despite them having to wait on Ladbrokes. I was very pleased with the customer service and they sorted the problem out in a reasonable time.

The members area is simple to use. No real whistles and bells, just the stuff you need. Which is the way it should be. Here is a screenshot of how my account looks for November. I hardly have any time to play at the moment so you will notice my rakeback for the month is very low. But it is certainly still better then nothing! And I only play at 5c/10c cash tables so the level of rake will never be high when I only play a few hours per week.

My RTR account.

My RTR account for November


There are other things you can do on the website. They have a forum you can get involved with. And there is some kind of free training program. But I have never tried either of these so I can’t comment on their quality.

What I can say is the quality of the RakeTheRake service has been excellent and I would highly recommend them for if you want to start receiving rakeback for playing poker.

With Ladbrokes the money is automatically paid directly in to my Ladbrokes account. Super simple. I’m not totally sure if this is the same for every network, I believe it is, but I am not 100% sure on that so please check the exact details for the room you are looking at joining.

All-in-all I would certainly recommend RakeTheRake based on my experience. I find the website is simple to use and to this date my rake has been paid in to my account with no delays.

You can visit to get started now. Good luck at the tables.

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