Small Microwave Ovens – Which Are The Best?

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It is great to chuck something quickly into your microwave to heat it up. But don’t buy any old one. It is important it matches your kitchen design and colour scheme, but is also functional and within your budget at the same time. Nowadays many of us are living in small homes and space is important. These are a good solution compared to their bigger brothers. Have a good look, some of the items shown here may also be available in different colours so watch the retailer description carefully to see.

This article has now been updated for 2016 onwards, please click here to see the post.

Daewoo QT1
Daewoo’s small 14L microwave in white.
Daewoo QT1 Compact 14L, White
Very popular compact Daewoo which has 600 Watt of power. Has a nice design where the controls on the right-side are a rounded square shape which is distinctive compared to similar appliances. Also available in pink should you have a colour scheme that demands that! If you have a bit more to spend there is also the QT2 which is around £15 more expensive.
Dimensions: 46 x 35 x 24 cm. Weight: 10kg.

Whirlpool trendy black microwave
Jet black design looks very James Bond.
Whirlpool Max with Steam Function
At first glance this one looks more like a TV. With it’s strong jet black design it is the sort of microwave James Bond would have. It does come with a slightly higher price nudging over the £100 mark at the time of writing, but you are getting a premium product. Customer reviews for this are good overall. It features a rounded back design to fit into kitchen corners snugly to act as an ideal space saver.
Dimensions: 35 x 39 x 36 cm. Weight: 14kg.

Stainless steel design appliance
Stainless steel design appliance for trendy homes.
Russell Hobbs with Stainless Steel Design
Very trendy stainless steel design ideal for posh modern kitchens. Also features a digital display and has a grill as well. It has 800W power output, with 1000W grill power. This appliance is slightly larger then the previous to with a 20litre capacity, but it is still smaller then full-sized ones. Has 5 power levels and defrost function too.
Dimensions: 39 x 45 x 26 cm. Weight: 13kg.

There are more then this available on the market so have a good look around to find the ideal one for you, they are often referred to by manufacturers and retailers as ‘solos’ so remember to search for that as well as ‘small’ when researching online. I don’t have room to put full specs for each model on this page so click on the links and you will find more information on the specifications.

If what you buy isn’t as decent as you were expecting it to be then remember to return it for a refund within 7 days, legally you can do that without a reason, it is called the ‘cooling off period’ so be sure to get exactly what you want. That is the law in the UK so take advantage of it.


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