How To Get The Best Deal On Your Mobile Phone

Posted: April 1, 2010
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Mobile phones have become an essential companion to modern life, but that doesn’t mean you should be paying over the odds for a contract. Here’s how to make sure that you’re getting the most out of your mobile.

1. Consider what you need: There is little point in paying for a whole range of features and applications that you’ll never actually use. Save Money on a New Phone ContractBefore you buy a new phone or renew your contract, think practically about how often you use your mobile and which features you really need. Look at old bills and discover how many texts and minutes you use. Think about the handset functions that really interest you – do you often take photos or play games on your phone, do you forward calls or do you simply use it for making the occasional call? Identifying your needs accurately could help cut the cost of your monthly bill.

2. Negotiate with your provider: If your contract is up for renewal then your provider should be attempting to move heaven and earth in order to keep your custom. Be assertive about what you want, and if necessary then mention you are considering looking elsewhere. It’s often possible for renewing customers to get better mobile phone deals than new ones.

3. Look at other deals: Before you commit to renewing your contract, make sure you look around to see if there are better deals available elsewhere. Use price comparison sites, as well as looking at the sites of established providers. Experts advise sticking with well known providers rather than getting lured in by dubious cashback offers that may then fail to materialise. Networks such as Vodafone offer some great deals on their website on mobiles such as the iPhone.

4. Review alternative offers: Some providers offer added extras to their customers, such as cheap broadband and discounted TV. This could save you money, and is therefore worth checking out before you buy. Useful extras, such as magic number giving you free calls to friends on the same network or a European bundle which makes international phone usage cheaper, are also worth reviewing if you think that you might use them.

Essentially, getting a good mobile phone deal comes down to knowing exactly what you want. Identify your usage and needs, research to build an accurate picture of the offers out there, and it should be possible to find the perfect contract for you.