3 Really Easy Ways To Earn Extra Nectar Points Online For Free

The Nectar service is one of the best reward schemes. It takes a long time to build up points. But you can buy some cool stuff with the points once they have built up.

I don’t get a lot of my points from buying stuff. The vast majority come from the 3 methods I am going to list here. A lot of people still don’t know about them, so I thought it would be good to list them here. The best thing is, they are easy to do. They are also free to do, and all you need is your laptop or PC.

Ad Points

In this method you have to watch short videos (such as movie trailers), click a little button to say you are still viewing and then give it a rating. Once you have done that you bank a few points. The videos vary in length from 30 seconds up to around 2 minutes. You can watch as many or as few as you want.

The trick I have found with this is to actually be interested in the clips, click on the ones you want to watch. Because if it bores you then the temptation to minimise the window increases, a lot. But you need to click the ‘still watching’ buttons to earn the points. Be interested and it can actually be fun.

Adpoints Signup Form

Adpoints Signup Form

At the time of writing they have quite a lot of ZSL London zoo videos which I’ve enjoyed watching and some good movie trailers as well. They also have product ads, and supermarket ads. These are the type of videos you can expect to watch.

Ad Points Review: This is my personal favourite way to earn points because you can earn up to 250 points per week. And because you are watching lots of different short clips I find it more engaging then the other ways. I find it is best to make a coffee, fire up the website, and just watch the different clips I want to for 15 minutes or so. Do that each day and the points build up nicely.

How To Start Collecting Points: Visit this page: http://www.nectaradpoints.com/ and follow the instructions.


Nectar Canvass Email

Nectar Canvass Email

If you like filling in surveys, or you have the spare time (durations vary from a few minutes to 30 minutes) then these surveys are great. You fill in your basic details, then wait for the survey opportunities to arrive via email. They target potential responders via certain demographics so make sure you fill all the details in.

Surveys Review: Ideal if you already do surveys or have a bit of spare time. They can also be quite fun because they only offer you surveys that are specific to your interests. The points earned for the amount of time spent is quite fair relative to the other 2 ways listed on this page.

How To Start Collecting Points: Visit this page: http://www.nectar.com/collect/nectar-canvass.points and follow the instructions.

ToolBar Search

Nectar Toolbar

Nectar Toolbar

The toolbar is very simple. It contains a search box, which searches Yahoo. For every 2 searches you do, you receive 1 point. Up to a maximum of 100 points per month. At the time of writing they give you a 100 point bonus just for installing it. If you already use Yahoo this is ideal for you, even if you don’t it is worth installing just to blast a few extra points.

One thing I would say is if you already have other toolbars installed in your browser it may be best to uninstall some of them. I already had the Alexa toolbar and Stumbleupon toolbar and once I added this it got a bit messy. So if you too have a couple of toolbars already installed, look at maybe uninstalling one. It will speed up your browser.

ToolBar Review: Better then the other 2 ways in that we all use search engines anyway, so by using this you are earning points for doing something you would have already been doing. Another bonus to it is that it reminds you which websites you can collect points on. Meaning if you are doing online shopping and are on an eligible ecommerce site it will tell you in the toolbar.

How To Start Collecting Points: Visit this page: http://www.nectar.com/collect/nectar-search.points and follow the instructions.


So there you have it. Utilise these 3 methods every month and in 6 months time you could have built up a fair amount of extra points, on top of your existing spending.

Don’t forget that points individually aren’t that valuable, you need to build up quite a lot. And watching the ads, surfing and responding to surveys will take time. So the return on your time isn’t great. The trick is to do it in your spare time, and enjoy the ads, surveys and searching the web. Make it enjoyable and you will rack up more points and have more fun!


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4 old thoughts on “3 Really Easy Ways To Earn Extra Nectar Points Online For Free”.

  1. I think the biggest issue is there are so many of these types of sites. I have never heard of this one before, but there’s Swagbucks, InboxDollars, Superpoints. Some are easier to earn with than others, but in the end they’re all the same types of sites.

  2. Dlp92 says:

    I tried using AdPoints but it just takes up so much time. I’m afraid I’m yet to get much use out of my Nectar points – I use the Tesco Clubcard scheme much more frequently.

  3. friedgreentomaco says:

    The problem that I have with sites like the ones you have mentioned and the one in the article is that you put so much of your personal information out there. I’m not overly paranoid about it but the less you put out there, the less can potentially come back later to get you. The pay off just doesn’t seem worth it to me.

  4. Chris says:

    The thing with Nectar is all of the above services in the blog post are part of Nectar. So you aren’t giving your details out all over the place. You have a Nectar account and that is it. So it may be true with the ones fairydust007 listed but not with Nectar. However you are right, keeping your details safe is of utmost priority and if their is ever a risk it isn’t worth it.