How To: Connect Blackberry to Wi-Fi (Curve)

Anyone that has tried to connect to the internet with their phone, has probably encountered times where there was simply too little network coverage to make this possible.  Blackberry, have made it possible to connect the Curve to any wi-fi network that is in range, in an attempt to get round this problem. This guide will show you how to do it.

How To Connect Blackberry to Wifi

Select Setup from the menu screen.


Select Setup wi-fi.

Once you have selected this option you will be presented with this screen.


Press Next. At which point you will be given three options. By selecting the “Scan for Networks Option“, will provide a list of all available wi-fi networks. Choose the one you want to connect to. If it is a free to connect to it or there is no security, then the phone will connect straight away. It may ask you for a shared key. If so, follow the directions below.

The shared key is a security key in your wireless router. To get it, you must type the router number in the address bar, normally something like If you do not know this number, Google search the make and serial number of your router, and you should find it fairly quickly.

Select Wireless

To obtain the shared key, select Wireless.

WPA key copy

By selecting security, the share key will be revealed. Type this into the field on your Curve.

You will then see this screen.

This screen shows that you have successfully setup a wi-fi connection to your Curve. Well done. It may seem a long process but it took me around ten minutes from start to finish to connect my Curve to my home network.  So don’t be putoff, and have fun.

Extra Help

If you want even more help with using your smartphone then take a look at some of the help books available to buy online. If you don’t want to purchase one of those then simply call up your providers customer service for support and see how they can help.

Still got a problem? You are welcome to post it below and hopefully another visitor can give you a hand.


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19 old thoughts on “How To: Connect Blackberry to Wi-Fi (Curve)”.

  1. janeal says:

    i tried this but it didnt work, in the available wi-fi networks screen it said connected but i don’t even have a blackberry browser. im on T-mobile is the web ‘n’ walk my free browser. i didnt try because i think it’ll charge me.

  2. Michelle Wakamatsu says:

    i am using i phone,softbank,but i want to use black berry,ang i inserted my sim card from i phone to black berry,if its possible that i can used also my black berry,can u please teach me,thank u so much….

  3. chelss. says:

    i have tired these step’s.
    but it has worked i have tired to go on facebook and google and its saying “unable to connect to the internet,please try again later

    if this prmblem keepshappending please contact your service provider”.
    so if theres anyone that has figerd how to do it please comment:/.

  4. Lol says:

    the above advice did NOT work for me and my BB Curve, but this did!!!
    Go into Options
    Wifi Profile
    Security type (of your wireless, mine was PSK.)
    Then it asks you to type in your key.
    Type in your wireless router password
    And save/finish. The network name will appear ath the top of the home screen and when you go into Manage Connections you will see the wifi network name and that lovely green tick so you know it’s connected. Further proof: click on Service status and you will see it says Active profile (your network name).

  5. hamzah ian says:

    i do all step above but still i cant connect to internet. when i want to it will show this:
    “unable to connect to the internet, please try again later. if the problem persists please contact your service provider”


  6. Powergurrl says:

    Same goes..please contact your service provider…:(

  7. Amy :) says:

    Heyy, I am on vodafone network got the data plan extra. But I need help on how I can use wi-fi outside of my house? I can connect to my home wi-fi but when I go outside I can scan for networks but it doesn’t let me connect. Could you help me please? :)

  8. drizzle says:

    did it bt d same story…try later…

  9. nyla says:

    i have tried and tried but am not getting anywhere…im on voda and have a bb curve have a d-link router a new white one, my fone keeps telling me to enter a pin that it keeps generating into the router…where the heck do i enter a pin on the router its impossible…im exhausted, i was ok with my last router a black d-link now i just want to throw my bb across the room..HELP!!

  10. avie says:

    hi i just got my phone and it tell me to enter the pin into the wireless router, how am i suppose to do that? help pls

  11. bates says:

    K it says I am connected to the my network and the green light is flashing, but its still says i have to pay for a data-pass. The wifi symbol is shaded instead of lit up. Anything would be fine please and thank you!

  12. elvy says:

    when i try to connect it gives me a code to input somewhere into the router or computer. how do i do this?

  13. moi says:

    I enquired about this problem with Vodafone and they said that Blackberry phones cant be connected to the internet independent fron the blackberry service. :(

  14. Benson says:

    I am using delight mobile network on blackberry cuve 8520 i don’t know how to connect to internet, could you please give me guid and direction on how to follow the steps?

  15. ayush says:

    i have connected my blackberry to WiFi , buttt it doesnt work ….

  16. angel! says:

    Omg!!!! I tried this steps, bt it says to enter a PIN and gives u the pin and u need to put it on the router!! Hw do I do that? Its impossible and annoying! Thx :)

  17. arun says:

    Please activate to wi-fi connection to this mobile

  18. nonoti says:

    how come you cannot just pop into a nearest blackberry shop and get help to set up wifi and we can all be happy with this phones.i am currently roaming USA but cannot use my phone?

  19. g mortimer says:

    had no internet for weeks tried all the tips to no avail went to Vodafone shop no help there gave me a number 40035 that was no help either was automated going back tomorrow they don’t like it if you are non contracted hate payasyougo