Par 72 Golf II – Blackberry App Review

Par 72 Golf II is a Blackberry app available through your smartphone via ‘Blackberry App World’. It costs $5 (£3.55 for me because I’m in the UK) and you can pay through paypal.

Actual Gameplay PhotoIt is very basic, as it to be expected given it is on a phone. However by basic I mean you just hit the ball each time and at the end of the round you get your score, you have no scorecard to view and it’s not any kind of competition like a tournament.

There is only 3 courses in total, all of which are quite similar. The only thing that ever changes is the wind slightly. You can choose to be male or female when you play. There are no difficulty levels to choose though.

Gameplay is very simple, you pick your club, aim the direction and then click the ‘swing’ button once to begin the swing and then again to stop how powerful you want it. You also have the choice of the sound on or off, after a shortwhile the exact same noise every time you hit the ball becomes irritating.

The graphics are decent enough given it is on a phone, the colours are strong and the quality is ok. Nothing to rave about but is certainly the best thing about the game.

I give it 4/10, for the price I wouldn’t recommend buying it. I know it is on a phone so you can’t expect the world. But given its severe lack of depth you will probably only get an hour or two low-level fun out of it and after that you are done, so for me it isn’t worth buying.

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