About DigitPedia

This blog is all about making money and saving money in the digital age! Some people also make money offline, but this website is focused on being able to sit behind a screen – mobile, laptop or desktop – and make your life better by putting cash in your pocket (or digital wallet).

All new blog posts are written by Chris. A 29-year old self-employed freelancer and web developer from the UK. Having seen the efforts of other bloggers in the money-making niche it seemed like a better job could be done. From January 2017 the effort to create a top-class blog commenced. Chris uses lots of different websites and methods to earn extra money and here is where they are documented.

Emoji heaven

I hope you like my header and can work out the message it sends. I like emoji’s and thought it would be fun. It is designed to explain that using DigitPedia you can learn ways to make money online and then buy cake and beer! Thanks to the awesome EmojiOne team for putting their cool emoji creations out there for people to use for free, they are great.


DigitPedia first started back in January 2007. It started out life covering technology news. Over time the content changed in focus a little bit and also started posting about websites. One of the most popular posts went live in 2013, it was about the Nectar Card reward scheme. Due to the popularity of posts like that the decision was eventually made to still cover some office gadgets that are useful, but more focus on trying to create a sort of “Wikipedia style money making information resource”. That is where the site is at today! Lot’s of the archives can still be read because they still get traffic from Google so it made sense to keep them live.

Social media

I like to get involved in lots of communities for DigitPedia, here are some of the profiles. Alternativelu keep up via RSS. Look forward to connecting with you!

Other places online:

You will find more links to other online profiles in the footer of the website. You can also follow development of the service on Github. If in doubt search for DigitPedia and you should find me.