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How to Boost Your Memory (of Your Brain, not Your Smartphone)

New research has shown a power nap for one hour can significantly improve your memory. Here are some other ways to also be able to memorize more things.


Bill Cap on Stolen Smartphones Isn’t Good Enough, say Which?

A new £100 cap has been introduced should a thief rack up a big bill using your mobile phone.


Amazon Launch Fire TV Stick in UK with Special Offer for Prime Users

Company offer launch price in bid to win customers who may also consider Chromecast or Roku.


02 Make Real Grass Phone Cover Using Twickenham Turf

Clippings from the home of rugby union have been used to make an eco friendly smartphone cover.


Launch of HER App Gives Lesbians Wide Choice of Dating Apps to Use

Lesbians are now spoilt for choice with 3 quality apps available to help them find the love of their life, or perhaps just a romp for the evening!


Ford to Gather More Data About Owner Usage With Microsofts Help

Ford have hired Microsoft to help with their SYNC 3 system to improve users in-car experience and gather more information on user habits.


How to get Secret Crossy Road Character called Cai Shen!

Video guide showing you how to unlock this really cool character which will help you get high scores more easily.


How to Upload Pictures from Google Drive to iPad

Video demonstration showing you how to upload pictures taken on your iPad, on to your Google Drive account.


Threat of Google Rival May Result in Uber Leaving Skidmarks

Reports suggest Google may use its driverless tech to setup a rival to the company it owns part of, Uber.


New Facebook Malware Threat, Beware Malicious Video Links

Users are enticed to watch a video containing mucky ladies. The malware is then disguised as a Flash update.