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NASA scientist says we will have definitive evidence within 20 to 30 years of alien life

Ellen Stofan says it is now within reach that we will find alien life forms out there. And within 30 years.


Coast-to-coast trip of America completed by an automated vehicle

A British company called Delphi have completed a 3,400 mile journey from California to New York City with an automated Audi 4×4.


Australians spent on average $2300 last year to feed their tech habit

Report released shows how much money Aussies are spending on technology and how many hours per day they use mobile devices.


Which are the best foot spas to help you chillout and look after your feet?

You can get some fantastic footspas which feel great and are a lovely way to chill out, especially with a bit of chocolate! Check the best ones out now.


Even kettle and toaster sets can be trendy!

Functional and beautiful, make your kitchen look cool today.


Samsung publish infographic showing curved monitor benefits

The company claim it can reduce eye strain and result in better readability and improved contrast ratio. See the details now.


Apple iPad is 5 years old – what do the next 5 years hold?

It has been an incredible journey for the iPad, with over 225million devices sold, now where does it go from here?


Review of WP Touch Pro – Is it Worth the Investment?

After using the Wordpress plugin for a bit here are my thoughts on whether it is worth paying for the pro version.


First Fully Portable Wireless Lamp Goes on Sale – Philips Hue Go

Philips have released the newest member of the Hue family, a light that looks a lot like a salad bowl.


Is the Internet to Blame for British Couples Having Less Sex?

A leading statistician called Professor David Spiegelhalter, of Cambridge University thinks so. Read about it now.